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MSGTAG Products

You want the ultimate in email management, so you need MSGTAG Status. All your tagged messages are displayed in the MSGTAG Status Dashboard, so you can see at a glance which messages have been opened. You decide how you receive your receipts and with MSGTAG Status, you can set up different tagging options for different people.

Also when you upgrade to MSGTAG Status, you'll receive access to unlimited email technical support!


MSGTAG Free sends you notifications by email when your messages are opened at their destination. The eye-catching MSGTAG capsule sits on your desktop or in your system tray, allowing you to enable or disable tagging with one click. It doesn't hassle your friends with pop-up boxes, all they see is a small MSGTAG Footer at the end of your message. Best of all, MSGTAG Free is free!

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